the Experience

You are investing your time, energy, and money into booking a photographer, and you should know what you’re getting into.

First thing - we are in this together.

Second - this is NOT about the prom pose.

I am here to serve you.

Let’s talk personal attention.

So, are we the right fit?

I want us to have the most amazing time working together. I want you to leave our session feeling like you just found out that cookie dough has 0 calories. I want you to scream (yes, scream) when you get your photo gallery delivered to you. I want you to run and tell all your friends and family that it wasn’t painful at all to have your photos taken, and in fact it was empowering and FUN! Let’s talk about how we can make that happen.

These photos are for YOU, not for me and my instagram feed. I am here to tell your story. What is the story you want to tell? Let’s collaborate on that. I never want to feel like I am the photographer and you are the subject. I want us to feel like we are creating magic TOGETHER. Before our shoot, whether it be a wedding or a portraits, we will sit down either in person or virtually and go over the vision you have for your photos.

REAL moments are what I live for. The way your partner really hugs you. The way your eyes sparkle when you look at your precious child. The way your grandparents hold each others’ hands. I am not going to put you into a one-size-fits-all mold because it makes cute photos. What makes for photos that you will come back to for YEARS are the real moments. The photos that reflect who you and those you love really are. THAT is what I am always striving to capture - that’s the good shit.

Not sure the best location for your ceremony? Need help deciding what to wear for your family shoot? Just plain overwhelmed and need someone to tell you that changing your 300 person country club wedding to a 3 day backpacking elopement is ok? I GOT YOU! Because we are collaborating and you’re not simply my client and I’m not simply your vendor (see the first point above), we are friends, and you can come to me with whatever questions/concerns you have. I’m just a text/phone call/FaceTime away!

So over in my FAQs, I talk about how I only take on a small number of weddings/shoots per year. The reason I do that is so I can spend time with you. If I shoot 50 weddings a year, I won’t have the time or energy to get to know my clients and do their story justice. Because I am currently only taking a couple weddings per year, I get to spend lots of time getting to know you and learning your vision for our work together. I’m also not ok with simply showing up to a wedding, taking photos for 8 hours, and then going home. I may ask you if I can be a guest at your rehearsal dinner so I can spend some time getting into your story, hearing your friends and family talk about you and your partner. If you’re having a destination wedding, I will be there a day or two ahead of time so I can learn why that location is special to you and how that ties into your story.

It’s so important to feel comfortable with a photographer you can trust. If you are looking for a photographer who will put you in classic, formal poses and will have minimal communication with you before the wedding/event they are shooting, you’re going to want to keep on looking. I will not be the perfect fit for every person looking for a photographer, and that is OK! I am committed to telling your story in a real, authentic way that you will treasure for decades to come. If that is what you’re looking for, let’s talk.

Wanna see some examples of full galleries? Check out our Pic-Time portfolio page below!